Nominee shareholder and Nominee director

Nominee shareholder Nominee director

Now a day UAE is a hot suit for offshore companies due to his liberal economy; easy process of setup as well as flexible nature of business. So, expat from all over the world looking to set up an offshore company. Nominee shareholder and Nominee Director are the term use with offshore company.

What are Nominee shareholder and Nominee director?

Nominee shareholder and Nominee director are used; that is to ensure that beneficial owners of the company are not list in official; as well as in constitutional documents of the offshore company in the UAE. Such nominee shareholders and nominee directors provide high degree of privacy as well as security. These are the persons that are registered in official register of an offshore company.

Why Would I Need a Nominee shareholder and Nominee director?

Setting up an off shore company has a number of benefits. However if you setup an off shore company in the normal way; you may be face some problem; because when you open an off shore company on your name; then your name and your addresses will be list in the offshore registrar of shareholder; as well as registrar of director.  And if your country of residence is a tax sensitive then you will face a lot of problem. So, in this case you can use the services of a nominee shareholder and nominee director. The names of the beneficial owners are neither on the record nor will it be disclose to any third party.

The reason behind nominee services is to protect the identity of the owner, and provide full anonymity. The purpose of using Nominee shareholder and Nominee director is for the nominee to appear; that is in the corporate documents other than the beneficial owner of the Company. However let me tell you the main fact about nominee; is that he or she have no control over the company; as well as he or she is not entitle to manage. A nominee is simple a person or a company; who will take a feigning interest in the offshore company and is basically there to sign papers and conduct meeting.

What we offer for nominee director in Dubai and nominee shareholder in Dubai?

Nominee shareholder and Nominee director

Nominee shareholder and Nominee director

As leading offshore company agents we offer nominee services to our client; to help them in getting license in any UAE offshore jurisdiction. We offer nominee services to our client; so that to keep their information off the public record while make sure full authority. Our services not only include providing a Nominee Director in Dubai, Nominee Shareholders in Dubai; but also we offer secretary services as well. But do not forget that our company will perform a proper Due diligence; that is before offer you any nominee services.

Responsibilities of a nominee director in Dubai and nominee shareholder in Dubai?

  • First of all let me tell you that nominee directors are just a name only; they have no responsibilities as well as they have no powers.
  • Nominee shareholder is responsible only to protect the beneficial owners.
  • Our nominee director will sign the resignation letter at the time of appointing him or her.
  • Nominee Director or shareholder is not responsible for to make any decisions.
  • The beneficial owner is fully responsible, for financial decisions as well as for the other respects for the company.
  • Nominee Director is not allow to sign any documents and or returns on behalf of the company.
  • The nominee will not have any liabilities; as such as he will not sign any contract on behalf of the company
  • Our nominee will not sign up for to obtain a Bank Account.

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