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Benefits of offshore company in Dubai

Benefits of offshore company in Dubai

Over the years UAE has stand up as an offshore company center. There are a lot of benefits of offshore company in UAE; such as strategic location, diversified economy and open market; as well as outstanding growth potential has made it a profitable investment destination for expat investors. Putting moneyRead More

Offshore shelf company with bank account

offshore shelf company with bank account

What is an offshore shelf company with bank account? An offshore shelf company is a company which is incorporated by Shams consultant; or shams sister company some time before in an offshore tax haven and is available for urgent use. Offshore shelf company with bank account To start a small business in Dubai, you have to either open a new company orRead More


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UAE Offshore company formation

UAE offshore company formation

UAE offshore company formation; is one of the main services offshore company advisors (OCA). Offshore Company Advisors are the register agents; that is for all the offshore zone in UAE. UAE Offshore company formation is possible only through a register agent. Keep with this in mind, for selecting an agent for yourRead More

Dubai Offshore Company Formation

Dubai Offshore Company Formation 

Dubai offshore company formation is a real first step; that is to form an IBC company in Dubai. Because, it is one of the best methods for asset protection and tax optimization. Jebel Ali free zone is the supervisory authority for Dubai Offshore company incorporation. There for, The authority ofRead More

RAK Offshore company formation

RAK offshore company formation

RAK free zone is an international business center for off shore setup. While, known as RAK offshore company or also a non resident company. RAK offshore company formation enable individual and as well as corporate to conduct substantial amount of business; and also outsource back office services. RAK off shore offersRead More

Ajman offshore company

Ajman offshore company registration

AFZ authority is the controlling body for an Ajman offshore company. Ajman offshore authority was start in 2014. And since then, it became the best choice for IBC. Ajman Offshore company; in the first place has some resemblance with the off shore from other jurisdictions; that is in term of setup. At theRead More

JAFZA Offshore Company

JAFZA Offshore Company Incorporation

The idea of JAFZA offshore company was first host in Dubai in 2001. But it took physical shape on 01 – 15 – 2003. When JAFZA Offshore Company 2003 came in to existence. Jebel Ali offshore company is defining as a non resident company having a corporate legal structure. JAFZARead More

open bank account in dubai

Open bank account in Dubai

If you have just move to Dubai; then you have possibly already visit allot of malls and beach; also went for desert safari and barb Q visit friends and family. Now it’s time to open bank high risk merchant account in Dubai. But before you jump right in and makeRead More