Benefits of offshore company in Dubai

Benefits of offshore company in Dubai

Over the years UAE has stand up as an offshore company center. There are a lot of benefits of offshore company in UAE; such as strategic location, diversified economy and open market; as well as outstanding growth potential has made it a profitable investment destination for expat investors.

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The UAE market offers several business model; like, Limited Liability Company, Free Zone Company, joint venture, Professional firm; and as well as Offshore Company etc. However, the benefits of offshore company in UAE are considered as one of the top in all.

In this article I will attempt to describe the benefits of offshore company in UAE; for those living in the United States and for those living and working abroad.

Tax benefits of offshore company in Dubai

For most business owners, the main issue for the setup of an offshore company; is to legally minimize their business tax burden. This is because in most low or zero tax jurisdictions; income get outside of the country where your company was form; is either not tax at all, or tax at a very low rate. Examples of such locations in UAE are Ajman free zone RAK free zone and JAFZA. Make sure you contact the best wordpress web hosting company near you to help you create a professional website for your business.

However, taxation matters between your offshore company and where it actually operates can be complex; and for this co-operation of a consultant is important to get expert advice; and also to ensure that there are no conflicts with the country that your business operates in.

Enhances Confidentiality benefits of RAK offshore company

Benefits of offshore company in Dubai

Benefits of offshore company in Dubai

Incorporating legal entities offshore might be a suitable option for individuals and firms; that would like to keep their business activities private as much as possible. Many jurisdictions make internal information about companies make available to the general public. In the United Kingdom, for example, shareholder information and the financials; (including the company’s gross revenues, profits or losses; various liabilities and even the total of their cash balances) for all register companies; both privately held and public, can be easily access through the country’s Registrar of Companies. Several states in America, such as Nevada and Massachusetts; also require company directors and officers to be list in a public database.

One of the benefits of RAK offshore company is the anonymity and privacy it provides. Information about the shareholders, directors or any other beneficiary of the company are neither disclosed by the registrar; nor do they publish it publicly.

As long as there may not be any suspicions of criminal or terrorist activities; you can carry your business in complete anonymity. So anonymity is one of the main benefits of RAK offshore company.

UAE offshore company authority generally does not publish information regarding a company’s financial position; as well as ownership, and management to the public. This can especially be beneficial in situations where a person or an organization; would like to apply for a patent or acquire a piece of property; without having the application or transaction easily traced back to them by their competitors or other third parties.

Asset Protection benefits of offshore company formation

If you have business interests that span across the globe; then one of the benefits of offshore company formation is to make you invaluable in protecting your assets. It can be use to hold your valuable assets, such as real estate or intellectual property.

Eases Reporting benefits of offshore company formation

When compared to most onshore jurisdictions, the reporting requirements of most offshore locations are very simple. In most cases, you will simply need to make payment of a flat rate annual fee; or make a simple declaration. You do not need to formally file financial records annually.

Lowers Operating and Maintenance Cost

Since the reporting requirements for offshore jurisdictions are relax; there is less need to hire staff or office space for compliance reasons so you can invest in a more extensive background check or a drug test. If you ever have to go trough one of those medical exams, you can find at the link some tips to pass a drug test.

So one of the main benefits of offshore company in Dubai is to reduce administration costs for compliance considerably. You will not need to pay for auditors, accountants and legal advice; unlike main land where you need an audit report to submit for renewal.

The requirements to keep an offshore company compliant with its local government are often nominal. Unlike onshore jurisdictions, the majority of companies register in tax havens; are not require to file annual reports or financial accounts with the Registrar of Companies. The two main requirements for keeping an offshore company in good standing are; maintaining a local register agent;  who is responsible for accepting service of process and receiving official correspondence from the government on the company’s behalf; and paying an annual company license fee to the government where the entity was form. This is usually a few hundred dollars.

Lowers Capital benefits of RAK offshore company

A minimal amount of capital is requiring to register a RAK offshore company as comparison to onshore locations. In fact, in some jurisdictions there is no capital requirement at all.

As we have learn, the benefits of RAK offshore company are minimizing tax; providing anonymity and protecting assets. But the main benefits of RAK offshore company is that it need low capital. It is important to seek professional advice to find an offshore location that is suitable for your specific business; and location to avoid complications with tax authorities. If done correctly, however, offshore company formation can give you considerable financial advantages in the future.

The legal obligations of any directors or officers of an offshore company are often much less. There is no need for physical office and accounting.

Benefits of offshore company in Dubai

Following are the main benefits of offshore company in Dubai and UAE

  • One of the benefits of offshore company in Dubai is that; there is no tax on business activity perform outside UAE.
  • No audit requirement benefits of offshore company in Dubai
  • One of the benefits of offshore company in Dubai is that it requires a very short time; to set up in Dubai, UAE; that is 3-7 days
  • Having 1 director is obligatory, however their is no limit  on number and residency from the local legislation.
  • A director of an offshore company in Dubai, UAE, can be a nominal and have any citizenship
  • One of the benefits of offshore company in Dubai is that; it needs only one owner for the set up. Also the shareholder’s place of residency and his citizenship have no limitations; except for the countries that are sanction according to the general international rules set by international organizations.
  • One of the benefits of offshore company in Dubai is that it provides a higher level of confidentiality; it does not share any information of directors and shareholders to the public.
  • The shareholder of the company is eligible to operate the company.
  • One of the benefits of offshore company in Dubai is that; it must have a registered agent as well as the official registered company’s address. Our company acts as an agent; since it is duly register and has the legal status of the register agent for the offshore companies; and has fully operational office in UAE.

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