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Ajman offshore company registration

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AFZ authority is the controlling body for an Ajman offshore company. Ajman offshore authority was start in 2014. And since then, it became the best choice for IBC. Ajman Offshore company; in the first place has some resemblance with the off shore from other jurisdictions; that is in term of setup. At the same time, there are also, some additional advantages of Ajman offshore companies; which make Ajman offshore company formation; that is on the top of the off shore list.

Differences of Ajman offshore company formation

  • Ajman has fast setup time; that is just one day.
  • A share holder has to sign documents in front of offshore authority. Register agent will do almost entire rest of the process.
  • Easy amendment is another major difference of offshore company in Ajman. Because, amendment in structure and addition; as well as removal of share holder is much easy as compare to other jurisdiction.
  • Other difference of Ajman offshore is the need for two directors. So, for offshore in Ajman requires minimum of 2 directors.
  • Another difference is to appointment of an auditor. So, he will perform annual audits. And, physical meeting where this auditor can claim his presence.

Benefit of an Ajman offshore formation

  • No need to rent an office space as well as industrial place. The legal address of offshore ajman agent; is the address of the offshore company.
  • It is a 100% tax free
  • It has low cost of company set up
  • Ajman Offshore is not eligible to get a UAE visa for their share holders; for their directors and also to their secretory.
  • Ajman offshore company formation are allow to purchase, as well as sale property. And it is also allow to take owner ship of the property in UAE. (subject to the earlier approval of the land department).
  • It has fast set up Procedure; that is Company set up docs can be deliver in a 1 working day!
  • 100% owner ship; that is expat can get the 100% owner ship of  ajman offshore.
  • Offshore Ajman company formation is also a globally recognize company.
  • No annual audit requirement for Ajman offshore
  • Offshore setup Ajman can also open a Bank Account
  • It is a tax free company; that is 0% corporate tax, 0% income tax as well as 0% VAT
  • A very well know Dubai address for an offshore set up.
  • No Paid up Share Capital required for an Ajman offshore company set up.
  • It has the lowest cost and also the easiest set up process.

Ajman offshore company cost

Offshore company setup package. Fee in Dollar Fee in AED
Ajman Offshore License fee. 1,170 4,300
Ajman Register agent fee. 818 2,999
Bank account opening fee. 273 1,000
Nominee shareholder. 818 2,999
Nominee director. 818 2,999
Ajman offshore Renewal fee. 1,635 5,999

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Documents required for Ajman offshore

In order to proceed with the an Ajman offshore setup, we need the following documents:

Ajman offshore company Formation

Ajman offshore company Formation

  1. First of all A clear pass port copy of each of the share holder.
  2. An original proof of residence for each of the share holders.
  3. An original bank reference letter, that is for each of the share holder.
  4. CV of each of the share holder; that is in English;
  5. MOA and the Application for set up an Ajman offshore company. (we will provide you a format all the docs.)

Activities allowed for Ajman offshore

  • Hold stake in other Company;  that is Ajman off shore can be use to Buy or Hold; as well as Sell stakes of companies.
  • Hold assets through Ajman off shore is one of the key activity. Which i think is the top most reason for set up of Ajman offshore.
  • General Trading; that is in the first place Ajman offshore is use for trading.
  • Professional Services; that is Ajman offshore is also use for professional services.
  • Advisory as well as Consulting Services; that is Ajman off shore is also use for an advisory services.
  • Investments and as well as Joint Investments Company; that is Ajman off shore is also use for an investment purpose.
  • It offer to own property in free hold Area.
  • It allow to hold off shore bank account in UAE as well as globally.
  • Commission agents Company that is Intermediary Brokers (IB’s)
  • Also you can use Ajman off shore to invoice to your global clients; but keep with this in mind that you can not invoice to your local clients; that is through your Ajman off shore company.

Characteristics of Offshore in Ajman

  • Directors: First of all, in the first place a minimum of 2 directors are require; that is  to set up an Ajman offshore company. Also, corporate are not allow to act as a directors. In the light of fact; a share holder can also act as a director.
  • Share holders: for the purpose of Ajman offshore setup; a minimum of one share holder is require. But also keep this in your mind; that both person as well as a company can act as a share holders for this type of a offshore. Also with this in mind, that share holders will decide the capital structure of offshore in Ajman. Only, single class of shares allows. Finally, bearer shares are not allow for offshore company in Ajman.
  • Secretary: First of all, in the first place a minimum of 1 secretary is requires; that is for offshore company in Ajman. in addition to this; a director as well as a share holder are allows to act as a secretary of an Ajman offshore setup.
  • Local Requirements: Ajman offshore does not require an office. Keep with this in mind; that offshore company in Ajman must appoint an agent. There for, the office address of a agent’s  use as the register office of the offshore.
  • Name restrictions: The name of the company must end with a word “Limited”.
  • Timescale: Ajman Offshore will take approx. 2 to 3 working days. Share holders or their authorized attorneys should visit in person to sign documents in presence of AFZA executives.
  • Confidentiality: For offshore in Ajman the details of directors; as well as share holders are store with Ajman authorities; but it not available for public inspection.
  • Taxation: Ajman offshore always use for tax optimization.

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