Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

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Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

We are one of the top agents for offshore company formation in Dubai. We are base in Dubai from last 10 years; serving local as well as international customers. Our team is very much experience as well as committed to provide the best customer experience. We have served more than 4000 glad customers; and work directly with the gov’t and semi gov’t institutes to get solutions for difficult cases. Our marketing philosophy is “A satisfied customer is the best marketing strategy”

Our range of services include Audit, UAE Liquidations, Book keeping; business set up advisory and Mergers as well as acquisition in Dubai; corporate finance management, and also a UAE offshore company set up, Due diligence services in UAE; LLC company formation in Dubai, offshore company formation in Dubai with bank account; best PRO services in Dubai, Dubai Free zone company set up, UAE banks related consultancy.

We are the register agents for offshore company in JAFZA as well as in RAK. Our offshore company formation in UAE services comprise offshore company in Dubai; RAK offshore company formation as well as bank account, Ajman offshore company. We are the approve register agents for offshore company set up in UAE.

Benefits of Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

Exemption from any kind of Tax

At the moment there is no personal tax or corporate tax for offshore company formation in Dubai; neither at the Emirates level nor at the federal level with limited exceptions; such as oil and foreign banks. However, Municipal fees as well as duties are impose in relation to certain special supplies; such as liquor and tobacco and this freedom from tax will equally apply to offshore as well.

It allow 100% Foreign Ownership

An expat are allow to hold 100% owner ship for offshore company formation in Dubai; there is no need of to hire a local sponsor unlike in main land of UAE; which requires compulsory local sponsor. Therefore overseas investors either individual or corporate entities may own 100% share equity.

Simple and easy setup procedures and Cost Efficiency

The process of offshore company formation in Dubai is easy and inexpensive; and can be done in 3 to 4 working days. The set up cost is very low as compare with other entities form in free zones or main land.

Low Operational Costs for offshore company in Dubai

As we mention that the setup cost for Dubai offshore is very low; so that the operation cost for offshore company in Dubai is also very low; as there is no need to lease an office place for it; there is no bank guarantees to set up an offshore as well as no staff is needed. Now the question come in the mind is that what will be the address of the offshore company. The answer is: the office address of the register agent will be the address of the offshore company.

Share Capital for offshore company in Dubai

There is no share capital requirement for offshore company formation in Dubai; although the registrar may need that the paid up capital of the company must be suitable with its activity. Shares in offshore are simply as well as freely transfer able by a written agreement. And also the liability of share holders in an offshore company is limited;  that is to their share in the capital of the company. It is requires that the name of the offshore company in Dubai shall end with “Limited”.

Other Benefits of offshore company formation in Dubai

An offshore company set up in Dubai can be use for international trading as well as asset protection; tax planning, acquiring real estate properties in the free hold area of Dubai; holding, becoming partners as well as acquiring shares of the other companies and trust funds etc. Capital obligation is only symbolic. Identity of beneficial owners will be confidential by law until and unless there is any criminal activity. An Offshore Company may open an account in the UAE bank/s and activate such accounts. The offshore company shall also have the opportunity of choosing the governing law; either the UAE Law or the law of the applicant country.

Documents requires for an offshore company in Dubai

Individual Shareholders

In order to start the process of an offshore company; please share with  us the following doc and your offshore company in Dubai will be ready in 2 days:

  • Passport copy (notarized) of shareholder
  • Proof of residence –may be current utility bill (the original)
  • reference letter of Bank (the original)
  • Curriculum Vitae of the shareholder
  • Suggested name of the offshore company (3-5 of your choice)
  • recommended activities of the offshore company
  • Detail of the decisive beneficiaries of the offshore company
  • Get in touch with us as registered offshore agents in Dubai for inexpensive offshore company formation in Dubai

For Corporate entity shareholders

  • Trade license of the company.
  • Original resolution of share holders
  • MOA of the parent company
  • Passport Copies for the directors and share holders as well as secretary of UAE offshore company
  • Parent company’s Certificate of Good Standing (Attested)
  • Incumbency certificate of parent company (that mention the name of shareholders as well as directors) Attested
  • During the UAE Offshore company formation other document may be required by the Registrar
  • If the parent firm is again own by another firm; the same documents will be required up to final level; to get to know the initial beneficiary owners.

Restrictions on the activities of Offshore Companies

  1. The activities expressly forbidden under the regulations are banking and insurance as well as financial services. The Authorities shall have the authority to add other activities to the list of prohibited activities.
  2. UAE Offshore Company formation is not generally allowed by the Regulations to keep any commercial operations within the UAE.
  3. Own an interest in real estate property located in UAE; except in the selected areas of UAE as approved by the authorities.

Offshore Company Formation in Dubai – Requirements

The process of offshore company formation in Dubai can be start by one or more than one persons; who may be either a natural person or a firm. The process will start by submitting a sign application form to the registrar; along with the supporting documents.

It is enough to state that the objective of this offshore is to engage in all lawful acts or activity; for which offshore companies may be setup under the regulations. The propose funds of an offshore company shall be mention in the application form. The form need information like the complete name as well as addresses of the share holders; the number of share and also the value of the shareholdings. The name and address of the directors. (share holders may recommend any other person / persons to act as director of the company); name as well as addresses of the registered agents and all other particulars that the registrar may need. The application form must also go along with MOA.

Uses of an Offshore Company in Dubai

Like the majority of other companies, an offshore company in Dubai may enter into contracts; open bank accounts and purchase as well as sell a variety of products and services as well as own property. A typical offshore entity does not pay taxes in its home jurisdiction.
Following can be the uses of an offshore entity:

International Trading

A trading company can launch itself in an offshore area. The offshore company in Dubai would take orders directly from the client; but have the commodities delivered directly to that client from the manufacturer or place of purchase

Property Owning Companies

An other good use of Offshore company is that it can be use for owning of property; You can use these companies for advantages like avoidance of complicated inheritance procedures. If your property is in a low cost offshore company; then you as well as your partner can own the shares of it as you see healthy. In case of any uncertainty; all of your property as well as bank account will be frozen until a court order is issue.

Professional Services

You can also keep your consultancy or counseling business by using the plate form of an offshore company. You can easily handle your company with reduced/zero taxation of offshore company.

Investment Companies

If you wish for to invest their money in different projects without their disclosure; then you have a good option to open an offshore entity; so through that you can invest as a corporate investor in different projects.

Holding Companies

An other good use of Offshore company is that it can be use as a holding company; where you can control all your businesses under one holding structure.

Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents

All kind of intellectual property right (a copyright or trade mark); may be register in the name of an offshore company. The company may also buy or sell such type of rights.

Offshore Requirements

  • Offshore company in Dubai follow the offshore company Laws of the offshore jurisdictions
  • There are three different offshore jurisdictions in UAE. All of these have their own registration authorities; as well as they may require different documents for the set up of an offshore company
  • Offshore company should not trade within the offshore jurisdictions

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